Top 10 Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts

While we have a couple of dads on the payroll, most of the guys at PS don’t want to think about Father’s Day for a few years. Nonetheless, we’re still guys and we have some really sweet Father’s Day gifts ideas for your company or just you to celebrate.

So here are our top 10 Father’s Day gifts!

No.10 Grilling Gear

It brings us back to the days of the caveman, open fire, meat, beer (keep listing things that sound masculine). Now all the guys at PS love to cook, but we feel so much more at home outside checking the burgers and brats. So use dad’s love for grilling to your advantage and hook him up with some sweet new grilling gear. Your tummy will thank you too!

No.9 Liquor

If your dad is anything like mine, he has a high stress job that requires a little liquid relaxation but so rarely will he splurge and get himself the top-shelf liquor. So indulge papa this dad’s day. Every time he goes for a de-stressing or just a relaxing drink, he’ll think of you and besides you’re probably one of the reasons he wants a drink in the first place.

No.8 Golf Stuff

While everyone else thought I should put something like hunting or fishing gear, I thought no no – golf! I don’t think I’ve ever met a dad who didn’t love to golf or at least the act of getting out on the course and opening up a few beers. Whether you splurge for a new driver or a sweet Nike Golf Polo, papa will appreciate anything that makes him look cooler on the course.

No. 7 Personalized Gift

Whether you update his 8Track to a personalized iPad or a macaroni portrait of yourself at the age of 3, get personal with it! While we won’t glue pasta or sell iPads, we can hook you up with a sweet polo or personalized umbrella!

No.6 Update His Tech

This idea takes more time than it does money, but help papa update his technology.  What dad doesn’t have a collection of tapes or vinyl?  Have mom help you find them stored away in the basement and convert them to MP3s and throw them on an iPod. Bang! You’ve brought him back to his glory days and thrown him into the 21st Century.

No.5 Books

Hook papa up with a good book.  Get out of the romance and action section and get him something he can actually use! One of my favorite new books is Eat Like A Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need.  You may be saying, but Max who buys their father a cookbook? With badass chefs like Michael Symon, Mario Batali and Tom Colicchio, this is anything but your grandma’s Lutheran centennial cookbook.

No.4 Meat

Pair it up with number to and bang, you leave your siblings’ gifts in the dust! Run to your favorite local butcher (avoid the big grocery stores) and tell him what you’re doing.  Get a top quality, big ol’ hunk of meat. Let him show off his grilling skills and if it doesn’t turn out, at least he can’t blame it on the tools or cut of meat.

No.3 Tickets

Whether it be the Twins, Redhawks or even the defending national champions NDSU Bison, get dad a season ticket or even just a game with you and the whole fam.  While it may be a little corny, dad loves the time he spends with you and those memories will far out last any car cleaning kit.

No.2 Accessories

Ok – let’s start off by saying avoid the tie clips and cufflinks and go for something bad ass like these stainless steel wallets. These are made from a stainless steel cloth and ballistic nylon from Steward Stand.  They’re pretty freakin’ sweet and even though we don’t sell them, we wanted to include them in our top 10. Check them out here!

No.1 Bacon of the Month Club

Whoever started these is a freakin’ genius. It’s monthly shipments of bacon. Does it need explanation?

While we aren’t able to get a lot of this stuff in really low quantities like a single gift for your papa, there are lots of retailers that can hook you up.  If you want to treat more than just your papa to some of these sweet ideas just contact one of our Product Marketing Specialists and they’ll get you the hook up.


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