Matt Oye

General Manager/Outside Sales

What I want to be when I grow up: A coach and mentor.  The level or game doesn’t really matter, I would just like to inspire people to be greater.

Favorite Internet meme: Chuck Norris

Hashtag that describes me: #WTD

What is the Pythagorean Theorem: A^2 + B^2 = C^2  Duh… I use this daily of course, oh wait…

3 words to describe my attitude: Competitive, Determined, Realistic

I’d steal this trait from my fellow PS members:

Shannon – Attention to Detail

Shelby – Discipline

Shannon Kirby

Project Manager

First CD: Genesis – We Can’t Dance

The movie that describes my life: I am doing a combo pack because I literally can’t think of 1 that fits very well. SO…

13 Going on 30 simply because most of my life is spent wondering how I can be 30 when I still feel like a kid inside.

The Incredibles because I have an awesome family who I’d do anything to protect and do right by.  And I view everything as animation.  (You’re all cartoons in my eyes)

Hashtag that describes me: #LaughterJunkie

Guilty Pleasure: (I feel this needs categories.) TV – Anything on the CW; Book – Anything meant for teenagers; Food – Mac & Cheese with Salsa on top

3 words to describe my attitude: Happy, Hectic, Hopeful

I’d steal this trait from my fellow PS members:

Shelby – I would steal her creativity.  I wish I had that many levels of creative prowess.

Matt – I would steal his level headedness.  It takes mountains to throw him off of his game, and that makes me super envious.

Shelby Zach

Lead Creative

The movie that describes my life: Mean Girls, not because I know any but it’s the only one I quote on the regular. 

Favorite Internet meme: Ermahgerd girl

Guilty pleasure: Buzzfeed. Once it sucks me in, I can never get out!

My one and only promotional t-shirt would say: I don’t think it would “say” anything. It would just be covered in a giant animal head, probably a tiger.

3 words to describe my attitude: Colorful, grounded, basic

I’d steal this trait from my fellow PS members:

Matt – Decisiveness. He knows what he wants out of life and makes decisions quickly and easily. I can always count on him to tell me what to do for lunch!

Shannon – People skills. She can seriously make friends with a rock. No matter who it is, she’s not afraid to show her true colors and I admire her openness and confidence.