PS Launches New Online Catalog

You may notice some detours and construction signs around the PS website in the next couple of days. But no worries, they’ll be worked out soon! We’re putting a new emphasis on technology in an industry full of dated websites and mentality.  As you probably already know, we’re a young company – not only since we’ve been around since 1995 but our average age is also 29.8 years old! We be young! We’re also pretty hip and social media savvy, so now is definitely the time to reinvent our web presence.

Feel free to try this puppy out on your iPad or smart phone.  Oh you’re already reading this blog on your smart phone? Well, you’ll notice we employed HTML5 technology in order for our website to be screen responsive.  What does that mean for you? You get our beautiful site optimized no matter where you’re looking at it!

One thing you may have noticed previously on our old site was the “catalog”. I like to refer to it as the catalog of death – why? It has just under 1 million products on it! While its good for providing plenty of options, what it’s missing is what makes PS different from the other product marketing companies in the area – our people! So I asked the sales team to come up with their 300 favorite products instead and we’re off to a good start.  Whether you’re looking for polos or pens, I really think you’ll like the update of quality items we have on our new catalog.  We’ll be adding new stuff all the time so keep checking back.

Oh, and btw – we do website and social media consulting on the side too! Yep – we’re young and hip and would be more than happy to sit down and talk with you about what you’re doing!

-Max Kringen

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