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Online Stores- A Buffet of Information?!

Online Stores… the two words that can strike terror in my veins. It’s not the fact that businesses are getting their logo on clothing for their employees, because I’m all for that. It’s the process of the entering orders for online stores that creates stress for this lowly Marketing Assistant. All that data entry…sizes, colors, styles….it’s a veritable buffet of information that needs to be entered. And as a mere human, there is so much room for error.  And if there’s a small chance that something will get in the spreadsheets incorrectly, I’m your go to girl!

I’m not sure if missing the order completely is worse than entering it incorrectly, but sometimes it happens. If I could weed out all the junk mail that comes in with the actual orders, it may help. I’m pretty sure everyone feels that way. Junk mail need not apply, relevant content only please.

It’s actually humorous as I’m packing up the store orders, as the stacks get smaller, I start to panic. Will there be enough purple polos in the correct sizes? Or will I have mistakenly ordered a XXXXL instead of a XXXL? All those X’s can blur together and mistakes happen! I’ve generally found that someone ordering an XL doesn’t really want to wear an XXXL…funny how that happens! I’m sure if they’d just try it on, they’d love the roomy size….a dress instead of a shirt. It’s the new style.

What I’d really like, is to be there when the employees get their new logo gear. It must be like Christmas in July. Maybe I’ll ask to be the delivery driver instead. Then Online stores would just be fun.

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