Did you Say FAT?

This past week, everyone in Louisiana celebrated Fat Tuesday. Its actually a legal holiday down there, as well as the BEST named holiday ever. It just implies fun and frivolity in the name alone. A day designated completely to FAT. No calorie counting at all. Just eat and be merry.

It also marks the end of the Mardi Gras season- which started in early January. And speaking of Mardi Gras, what celebration could possibly be more about promotional giveaways than the weeks of endless parties and parades? Now, I’m sure the first thing you thought of was the very commercialized 3 second segment that is always shown on the news….drunken women “flashing” for beads. Yes, that does happen, but actually only down in the French Quarter with rowdy tourists. So sorry guys! Its not as widespread as you’d wish.

And back to the “throws” as they call them. Beads, beads and more beads, all in the celebratory Mardi Gras colors of Green, gold and purple. Specialty doubloons are made for each parade representing the specific crews that built the floats…those have become collector’s items through the years. They have plastic cups they toss out too – often referred to as “New Orleans Dinner Ware.” Even small stuffed animals and T-shirts are tossed out to the crowds. Its really something to see. I actually was in New Orleans for part of a Mardi Gras Season once. It’s like a St. Patricks Day parade on crack. All the crazy costumes and wild dancing. Oh, wait, that IS a St Patricks Day parade! Another holiday yet to come on someone else’s Blog!

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