Promotional Products are a great way to get your name in front of your customers, but why settle for just handing out pens and frisbees? At Promotional Solutions, we take your product marketing a step further. How? We don’t rely solely on the product to get your name out there, we work with you to develop a marketing strategy to go with the products your company needs.

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Special event coming up? Let us spice it up with some creative marketing products.  ‘Team Brainstorming’ is one example of an activity that sets Promotional Solutions apart from the competition.  We may be in a sales driven industry, but we care most about creative and effective promotions that keep our customers satisfied and coming back. So what happens at these ‘Team Brainstorms’? Our sales and creative teams join forces every week, usually over pizza, and rack our brains to come up with strategies and new product ideas for the projects. What better brain food is there than pizza? We really love pizza. And spinach dip.

Need some help generating ideas? Easy peasy! Just call your product marketing specialist today and we’ll most likely talk about you at our next ‘Team Brainstorm’! (All good things of course)