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Learn more about all of our decoration processes below!


Embroidery is the process of creating and producing designs on fabric with threads. Embroidery can be applied to many forms of apparel, including jackets, polo shirts and hats. Embroidery is often the preferred way for decorating apparel because it gives a crisp, long-lasting and professional look.

The cost of embroidery varies depending on the complexity of the design to be digitized, the number of colors in the design and the final stitch count. If we already have your digitized artwork on file from a previous order,  you won’t have to pay any setup charges if it doesn’t require changes.  Also, there will be no delaying of production to get your design digitized since we will already have it on file.


Just as with print, embroidery can be personalized though the option to choose from many fonts. For the best result, however, we recommend using Pearl Script or Block lettering. These types of fonts are versatile enough to fit both long and short names without compromising the quality of embroidery. Typically a personalization is done on the right front chest, opposite to the logo being embroidered on the left front chest. This is done so that when people shake hands, their eyes focus on the name of the person they are shaking hands with. Though, if you prefer thinking outside the box, you can also choose to have anywhere on the product personalized.

 Screen printing is one of the most common ways to decorate apparel. It is used most commonly applied to t-shirts because it can imprint a sharp image at low cost. With screen printing, a bulk of the cost is incurred in setting up the design and machines. Once these steps are finished, we are able to decorate large quantities at a rapid pace. Because setup is a time consuming process, there is a required minimum quantity for screen print orders.

We are able to screen print up to six colors. If you require more than that, than sublimation may be a better solution for you. With sublimation, there are no minimum quantities.

 Sublimation is a method by which a colored dye is permanently embedded into material, rather than an ink being applied to the surface as in screen printing. Sublimation is a chemical process wherein a substance moves directly from a solid to a gaseous state without first becoming a liquid. In sublimation, colored dye is superheated and then embedded into fabric, where it bonds on the molecular level with polymers (large molecules consisting of repeating simple molecules linked together) in the fabric, so that the dye actually becomes a part of the material.

The sublimation process only works on artificial fabrics composed of polymers, usually polyester. Because of this, sublimation is usually reserved for polyester items like lanyards, ribbons, and mouse pad fabric, though certain ceramics, like coffee mugs, are often coated with a thin patina of polymers made specifically for accepting dyes. T-shirts can be dye-sublimated, but they must be made of polyester as the process does not work with all cotton.

 Applique is an apparel decoration method that applies a type of fabric or another special type of material to a garment through embroidery. All of our applique material is cut with our state of the art laser cutter. This method of decoration is most commonly used when looking to place a large design on a garment or when looking for a unique raised look.

Regular Applique

Applique can be used to fill in large areas of a design to reduce cost. We use a laser to cut the applique material, which allows us to cut small details with no imperfections. It is a great option with traditional sports twill when projects require accuracy at a set price.

Reverse Applique

This technique of applique places the applique material inside the garment rather than the traditional outside placement. The laser then cuts the garment fabric exposing the applique. This is typically used on sweatshirts and t-shirts. If you are looking for something different, this is it. Almost any type of fabric will work for the applique so let your imagination go wild.

 Digital print is a decoration method for apparel that, just like in the print industry, it gives you the capability to have a full color design with no minimums. The print is done using an inkjet printer specially made for the apparel industry. The inks are specially formulated to be used on fabric so it seems like it is a part of the fabric and will feel soft to touch and long lasting. We are able to print on all colors of fabrics including black.

The higher the cotton content of the fabric, the better the print will look. The higher the resolution of the art file provided gives a higher quality finished product. The inks are CMYK, so the number of colors in a design doesn’t matter. No additional color charges! It is important to remember that because we are using a CMYK, matching a specific PMS (Pantone Matching System) color may not be possible. By manipulating the art file, we will try to get as close as possible to give you the look you want.