New Logo Design Bridges Communities

Pride Fargo-Moorhead will roll out a new visual identity, including an updated logo design, over the next months.  This new visual identity is the first significant change to FM Pride’s look in over a decade.

The new logo design includes a stylized icon modeled after the Veterans Memorial Bridge pillars that connect Fargo and Moorhead. The concept, more than eight months in the making, is very symbolic of the local community. It also promotes Fargo-Moorhead as an inclusive and progressive community, always striving to better serve the people that live or visit here.

“The new FM Pride logo will be instrumental in not only branding the annual Pride celebration events, but also in recognizing the diverse and unified community that FM Pride represents,” said Josh Boschee of FM Pride. “Veterans Memorial Bridge not only brings together two states, it is also symbolic of when our communities work together, we can accomplish great things to strengthen our community for the future.”

This visual identity represents the strength and community-building that the Pride Collective and Community Center has been working towards since 2000.

The new logo design was developed by Promotional Solutions of Fargo lead by Max Kringen.

pride logo design

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