Look ma! We’re on TV!

Promotional Solutions is known around the region for our awesome embroidery, super screenprinting and always great customer service.  But one thing you may not know is that we also have a creative team. Granted its not a typical large creative team, but nonetheless we have lots of experience in all facets of marketing.  A couple of weeks ago, our client Jesse from Altony’s Italian Cafe in Moorhead asked us to oversee the production of their commercial that would be airing during American Idol the next week.  Of course we jumped at it! Got our shot list ready, story boarded the entire thing and wrote a kickin’ script.  We got the initial commercial back from the production team and yikes! It wasn’t at all what we were thinking.  We were running out of time as it was Tuesday and Idol aired on Wednesday.  So we worked through the night and got the new commercial done and were very happy with our first attempt at a commercial!

Now I’m not saying that we’re going to start producing commercials, but it shows we go the extra mile for our customer.  Whether it be a last minute commercial production or a 100 piece hat run, we’ll take care of you at Promotional Solutions!

-Max, Lead Creative, PS

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